How to successfully combine work and family


Combining work and family life is not always easy. You have to be consistent with both, and choosing one thing over another will lead to the decline of both spheres. Any dating site blog will tell you that concentrating on one thing at a time means failing both chores. Why? Because people tend to get idealistic, forgetting they have a life outside marriage or work.

How to juggle work and family and not go insane? Here is a list of tips you might want to incorporate into everyday life.

1. Don’t bring work home

Working from home is a sign of a dedicated professional but not a wise family man. Your family expects you to zone out and pay them attention. If you have too many tasks, reduce them by delegating the subsidiary jobs to your employees and colleagues. Share your responsibilities to have full weekends. The day-offs are meant for rest, so if your boss tells you to attend the job overtime, it’s not a healthy work ethic, and you are being played. Life is a balance of work and rest, so preserve that for your sake and the sake of peope who love you.

2. Don’t bring the family to work

As cynical as it sounds, the workplace is not the best place for family members. But what to do if you work with your spouse? First, try to see each other less as colleagues. Don’t go on meetings together; leave the work and sleep together. You might throw off the family pH balance. Second, why doesn’t working together bring benefits to spouses? Third, we often get mad at co-workers and bosses for being jerks. And if the jerk is your wife or husband, you don’t want to deal with that at home. Finally, keep your expectations somewhat unrealistic by not mixing business and family life.

3. Don’t discuss business at the table

Not only is it considered bad manners to discuss business at the dinner table, but you might also as well kill the conversation by implying everyday mundane routine agenda. Learn to mute your phone and don’t touch it during family meetings, especially quality time with kids. You don’t want your children to remember you as the absent parents who never cared about their personalities.

4. Have lunch at home if the schedule permits

It is important to have at least one meal with your family. Start a tradition of breakfasting together instead of eating on the go because it is faster. If you can get back home for lunch, use that opportunity to spend more time with your family. Have dinner with your wife and kids to discuss the day and talk more about your feelings. These are precious times you can never get back. Moreover, spending fifteen minutes with your significant other substitutes years of conflict resolving and family counseling later.

5. Use a shorter commute and give your spouse a ride

Your way to work is probably boring and not worthwhile anyway because the morning city doesn’t give citizens many opportunities to enjoy the ride. If you can choose a workplace in your district and find a better way of commuting faster, you will free up to five hours spent on waiting. And if you cannot afford a quicker commute, take your spouse and give them a ride. That way, you will have at least twenty additional minutes to discuss the day.

6. Make friends with couples at work

You can effectively manage the workload and improve your relationships with co-workers by entering their friend group. It will give you more time to communicate and share responsibilities while your spouses can chill without your assistance. Go on barbecues and cookuouts with other families and help each other, whether chores or paperwork.

7. Manage automation at home

In other words, don’t do the work that takes most time and can be done by other people/machines. For example, if all you do at home in your free time is clean the house, it is wise to work more effectively to afford cleaning services. Instead, buy a robot vacuum, get your car fixed by a professional, buy food during weekends. Invest precious time into positive emotions. Stop slaving away by the stove if the difference is a few pennies and hours you can potentially spend with your spouse.

8. Don’t cancel on trips

Family trips are essential, even if there is too much preparation. Never miss an opportunity to chill in the countryside, even if the preparation might be longer.